CZ 70 32 ACP Military Surplus Pistol Sootch00 Review

Around 1970 they replaced the CZ 50 with the CZ 70, or VZ 70. But it’s commercially known as the CZ 70. This is a .32 ACP, semi-automatic pistol, double single action. It’s pretty small and based very close to the Waller PP. But this is a great little handgun and they had been coming into the country quite a bit. I got my original one from Classic Firearms and I actually purchased this one from Atlantic Firearms because I needed to have a blued version in my collection. I’ve really liked these old military police trade-ins and the thing is, is when they come into the country, they come in low and fairly inexpensive because once that dries up, the price goes up to the actual value of the gun. This is a great little handgun, very portable, very slick and we’re just going to take a look—but it is a historical peace used up until 1983 by the Czech military and police.

Most people refer to this as the CZ 70 and it is made in Czechoslovakia. There is some unusual history behind these and this replaced the CZ 50 which we’re going to take a look at as there are a few slight differences.

.32 ACP is just easy to shoot and I mean it’s a lot of fun just because the record is low. Now, that means that when it comes to self defense, it’s on the low end of the totem pole. There are some really good self defense rounds out there, but really .380 ACP is considered kind of the minimal of your effective concealed carry by most experts. But .32 ACP still has a place and it’s a lot of fun to take to the range. This gun is very pointable, it’s very sleek. Double single action, it’s really easy to shoot and the recoil is fairly easy, so it just feels good in your hand.

Eight rounds of .32 ACP, very slick shooting. The action was nice and it’s just a lot of fun to take to the range. And if you’re looking for military surplus firearms, this is one you should definitely put in your collection because these are just really well made little reliable pistols. They’re still popping up on the surplus market and I was glad to see it come up at Atlantic firearms. As far as the price goes, I think it was $299 that I paid for this plus shipping, but still for a pistol of this quality, the price is going to go up and it always does—so it’s a really good investment. Like I like to say, these are my 401 G.

The CZ 70 is a 32 ACP Semi Auto pistol, produced from 1970 until 1983. It replaced the CZ 50 in the Czech Military. These have been coming into the country as Military and Police Surplus.
Big thanks to Fiocchi USA for Supplying our ammunition!

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cz 70

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