Daniel Defense Pistol Giveaway

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  1. These are my favorite pistols. I have 2 already in different calibers, trying to get 1 each in different calibers. I think these are the best thing for home defense or when SHTF.

  2. I watched Larry Vickers try to destroy a
    Daniel Defense rifle of this type.
    The rifle endured every thing he could put it through, from pulling it down a gravel road with a rope, to using explosives to try to blow it up.
    Those of you who are remember the term ” It keeps on ticking”.
    That term applies to this rifle also, with the word firing, instead of ticking.
    I may be an old fart, but this old fart shot a friend’s Daniel Defense,and it reeks quality and dependly .
    It would be a pleasure and honor to own
    anything made by a good guy like Marty Daniel.
    Many thanks to you Marty.