Chronic Wasting Disease Comes to SE Minnesota; 2 Deers Test Positive

KTTC in ST. PAUL, Minn. reports:

Two deer killed by hunters in southeast Minnesota tested positive for chronic wasting disease.

According to the Department of Natural Resources, one deer harvested near Lanesboro was confirmed positive for the disease, while the second is expected to be confirmed later this week.

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Chronic wasting disease is a brain disease that can kill deer, elk and moose. Hunters were encouraged to get their deer tested because of an increase of CWD cases in Wisconsin and northeast Iowa.

The two deer were killed about one mile apart from each other, and they are the only deer to test positive for CWD out of the 2,493 samples collected by the DNR earlier this month. Results are still pending from 373 samples collected during the second firearms season.

The Minnesota Board of Animal Health has since established a disease control zone with a 10-mile radius from the area where the two affected deer were shot. Owners of deer and elk herds within the zone will not be able to transport the animals into or out of the area until an investigation and evaluation is complete. There are four deer or elk farms located within the disease control zone.

Read full story here.

Hunters, what does this mean for you? Will it affect your plans to go hunting in this area?

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Original Story from KTTC

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