Defending yourself with a handgun in bear country takes more than the right gun

When you’re in bear country, protecting yourself against a potential threat is the most important measure you can take for your own safety. Having the right gun, or even a large caliber gun is not, on its own, enough to protect you from a bear on the attack. Remembering these helpful guidelines just may, however. First, you should always carry a handgun that you feel comfortable shooting quickly. The only reliable places for bringing down an attacking bear are in the head and in the spine, both of which make for difficult shots. If you’re not well-practiced with your back up, your potential safety is at risk. Secondly, you want to load your back-up with rounds which will penetrate deeply. Hollow points and high-grain rounds are your friend in this situation. Thirdly, you want to practice, practice, practice. You need to practice your draw, shooting quickly and keeping a tight grouping. In the event, you find yourself staring down a charging bear, you have to act quickly to turn the odds in your favor.

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