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The Entertainment Value behind Dude Perfect: Extreme Marksman Edition

If you haven’t seen the new video from Dude Perfect: Extreme Marksman Edition, you’re missing out. These guys come up with some great names for some extreme shots, such as the ‘Mobile Helo Bow & Arrow Shot’ and ‘Skeet Busting Bow & Arrow Blaster’. Of course, all the shots are perfect. It’s why video editing was created. And they also got xXx: Return of Xander Cage to sponsor this video! (that right there might say it all!)

Watch the video for some great shots (retakes on camera or not). It’s been watched over 6 million times, and earned over 220k thumbs up and under 2,500 thumbs down. We give it a thumbs up because the shots on camera still hit their mark! And for the entertainment value.

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