EAA GiRSAN Regard MC 9mm Handgun – Sootch00 Review

November 26, 2019

GiRSAN Regard MC 9mm Pistol imported by EAA Corp. This is a Beretta M9 Clone from Turkey that’s solid quality. Thanks to EAA Corp for sending the Regard MC for the Review and for Robbie from Wheaton Arms assisting us at Range Day.

A few years ago the US Military adopted the Beretta® 92. Now Girsan has perfected this design. Girsan Regard has been the preferred side arm of the Turkish Military and law enforcement for many years and is a NATO approved sidearm. The Regard is so good, that the Vice President of EAA uses this pistol as his everyday carry. Think about it, a guy that has many pistols to choose from carries the Girsan Regard. We do not have to say much more.

Girsan has been making firearms since 1991 and is a NATO approved facility. Recently, we have seen a lot of quality firearms come out of Turkey and the Regard MC is one of them. 

The Girsan Regard MC is based off of one of the most popular handguns in the world, the Beretta 92.  The Regard MC has an open barrel design and most of its parts are interchangeable with the Beretta 92 parts. The magazine we are using is an eighteen plus one. This particular Beretta 92 has the FDE or desert sand color which is a cerakote. Girsan makes a black model and a two-tone model which has a grey steel frame with a black slide. The Regard MC has a picatinny rail at the front and with black accents with the grips and all the controls.

One big departure from the Beretta 92 is the finger grooves molded into the grip.  The grip also has lacerations on the back to make for better hand control.

The Girsan Regard MC has three dot sights and the safety is ambidextrous. The beaver tale above the grip helps to give you a nice ride when holding the pistol.  The front sight is not interchangeable because it is milled into the slide. 

Grip interchangeability with the Beretta is almost exactly the same. Both the Girsan Regard MC grip and the Beretta 92 grip fit on both firearms almost exactly the same.

When it comes to the trigger, that first pull with the hammer down is a long trigger pull. It is very smooth, but is also very heavy. The trigger pull weight in double action is 9lbs 7.5oz. In single action, the weight is right around 4lbs.

During testing, we used Fiocchi 9mm ammunition which is made right here in the USA.  After firing over 500 rounds through the Regard MC, we had no problems and had great reliability. The groves on the front help to give you a little more of a gripping surface when firing which is different from the Beretta 92.

Taking apart the Regard MC is very easy and similar to the Beretta. The locking block and slide are a little different, but very similar in the way they look. Also, the Beretta has a plastic guide rod, while the Regard has a metal guide rod. After taking apart and putting your Regard MC back together, make sure to pull the slide all the way back to lock it into place.

The Girsan Regard MC’s price range is anywhere from $300 up to $400, while the Beretta runs around the $525 to $550 range. These are all market prices which could be higher or lower in your area. 

If you like the Beretta 92, you will definitely like the Turkish made Girsan Regard MC.

“Be strong, Be of good Courage, God Bless America, long live the Republic” – Sootch00

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BERETTA® 92 Style S/A Pistol, Drift Adjustable Sight, Ambidextrous Safety, Accessory Rail, Decocker, Lightweight Design, COLORS: Blue/Black, Two Tone, Dark Earth

Big thanks to Fiocchi USA for their Sponsorship!

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