EAA GiRSAN Regard MC 9mm Handgun – Sootch00 Review

GiRSAN Regard MC 9mm Pistol imported by EAA Corp. This is a Beretta M9 Clone from Turkey that’s solid quality. Thanks to EAA Corp for sending the Regard MC for the Review and for Robbie from Wheaton Arms assisting us at Range Day.

A few years ago the US Military adopted the Beretta® 92. Now Girsan has perfected this design. Girsan Regard has been the preferred side arm of the Turkish Military and law enforcement for many years and is a NATO approved sidearm. The Regard is so good, that the Vice President of EAA uses this pistol as his everyday carry. Think about it, a guy that has many pistols to choose from carries the Girsan Regard. We do not have to say much more.

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BERETTA® 92 Style S/A Pistol, Drift Adjustable Sight, Ambidextrous Safety, Accessory Rail, Decocker, Lightweight Design, COLORS: Blue/Black, Two Tone, Dark Earth

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girsan regard

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