Ed Brown Magazine Exchange Program

Let’s face it: It doesn’t matter how terrific your 1911 handgun nor how fancy your defensive ammo if your magazine won’t feed. Trusting your life to a substandard magazine is like trying to drive the Indy 500 on four spare tires. That’s why Brand Avalanche Media, together with world-class custom guns and gear designer Ed Brown Products, is thrilled to announce our Ed Brown 1911 Magazine Exchange Program!

This magazine exchange program gives 1911 fans the opportunity to try out the last 1911 magazine they’ll ever own—a $22-$30 value—by sending in the old, busted 1911 mags they got from “the other guy” plus $10-$15, depending on which Ed Brown 1911 magazine they’ve selected.

The process is simple: Just visit https://www.edbrown.com/magexchange/ and print out the exchange form. On it, you can choose between Ed Brown’s traditional stainless steel magazines ($10) and their Black Nitride version ($15). Be sure to select one of several cool special offers available. Your next step is to visit your drawer full of dented, dirty 1911 magazines and pick the ones you like the least, then mail them to Ed Brown Products along with the form. Then simply sit back, and wait to be dazzled by Ed Brown’s lifetime-warrantied best-in-class magazine technology.

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What do we mean by “best-in-class”? We mean top-quality materials, construction, and design. Ed Brown 1911 magazines feature a patented follower design made from heat-treated steel (not cheap plastic), with an extended front skirt, and an anti-friction finish. This ensures proper feeding and full engagement of the slide stop on the last round. The maximum tensile strength heavy-duty spring provides a longer lasting spring life, with the proper up-force to ensure reliable feeding and slide stop operation. Furthermore, Ed Brown’s 3-in-1 configuration allows you to choose the best bumper pad solution to fit your needs.

“Building custom handguns for over 50 years has taught us what it takes to make a quality magazine,” says Ed Brown Marketing Director John May. “With a patented steel follower, industry leading spring, and a stainless no-fail tube design, we’re confident our magazines will last you a lifetime and keep your 1911 running optimally.”

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