Elk charges negligent tourist at Yellowstone

Jody Tibbitts, a spokesman for the National Park Service, tried to warn a tourist with a camera that she was getting too close to a cow elk, but it was already too late. He can barely get her attention before the cow is off and running. The tourist is flat on her back when Tibbitts can be heard saying “I was just going to tell you, you’re too close to that elk.” She apologized and Tibbitts reminded her to stay at least 25 yards away from any animals in the park. According to ABC News, Tibbitts brought up an growing problem among tourists:

There is just kind of an ignorant danger, and then there is a whole other level of the really self-obsessed selfie shooters—and what they do is try to close the distance between them and the animal. Selfies are the problem. It is really the access to high-quality digital photography in everyone’s pocket. People are getting more brazen and more selfish, and for these animals, this is their home.”

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