ESEE AGK Fixed Blade Knife- Sootch00 Review

The ESEE AGK (Ashley Game Knife) stands up to ESEE Quality and an excellent companion in the field. They are rugged and are heat-treated to perfection. They are great utility knives designed to perfection. The ESEE AGK (Ashley Game Knife) is more geared toward hunting and game processing. This knife can also be used as a standard field knife. It has a more extended grip with a shorter blade, giving you a lot of leverage.

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The ESEE AGK (Ashley Game Knife) is explicitly designed for field dressing, but it can take care of other field tasks. It is a 3 1/2 inch blade, but overall 8.25 inches. That means the grip is longer than the blade, which means that you can get more leverage. You won’t slip. It has an excellent guard that comes down that will keep your hand from falling. It gives you a straight shot. The ESEE AGK (Ashley Game Knife) can get under the hide with the blade up. Hair can dull your knife very quickly, and this will help you get under the skin.

The sheath is an all-leather sheath done very well, and it fits down low carry and can fit a lanyard very well. It will not fall out in the woods, which is the last thing you want to do in the woods.

The guard protects your hand. The blade comes down the edge to the end. The ESEE AGK (Ashley Game Knife) is designed totally around hunting and processing meat. It has a beautiful stonewash finish.

It comes strong right out of the box and will cut and feather. If you need it for any prepping like fire prep, it will do well, but do not mistake it for a chopper. This knife can do several tasks and can suit many of your needs around the campsite as well.

When you are choosing a knife that you are going to depend on, do not go cheap. The ESEE AGK (Ashley Game Knife) is well worth the price and comes with a lifetime warranty. This knife has a great design and is very purposeful.

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