Exotac ToolRoll – Sootch00 Review

The Exotac ToolRoll is high quality. Fire is an essential survival element, so having a Fire Kit puts all your fire-starting tools in one place. We take a look at two different Fire Kits but the Exotac ToolRoll is a great way to be organized.

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The Exotac ToolRoll is a unique tool. The ToolRoll offers a compact solution for carrying all your fire starting gear with you in the field. The ToolRoll also allows you to organize all your compact survival, bushcraft and EDC gear in one place for quick and easy access.

What is great about the Exotac ToolRoll, is when you roll it out everything is right at your fingertips.

The tool roll has some really great features:
Hook and Loop Closure: this ToolRoll has a strong hook and loop closure straps to secure the ToolRoll and all contents.

Elastic Slip Pockets: The Exotac ToolRoll has five elastic slip pockets that make carrying fire starting gear, knives, multi-tools or pens clean and efficient.

Mesh Pockets: The ToolRoll has five quick access mesh pockets that offer quick identification of all your contents.

Compact Carry: The ToolRoll offers a compact solution for carrying all your fire starting gear with you in the field.

Here is what is in my standard fire kit:
Cotton Balls
Fire Steel
Magnesium Bar
Tea Light Candles
Fire Tender impregnated with wax
Fat wood
Lifeboat matches with a striker
Firecord pulls
Exotac Four Hour Nano Candle
Tender Tabs
Exotac Rip Spool

For more information about the Exotac ToolRoll click here

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