Fearless Australian woman scares off crocodile with her flip-flop

The running joke about the Land Down Under is that 90% of the wildlife is out to kill you. Aussies have to contend with a plethora of venomous insects and reptiles, not to mention birds which swoop down to try and gouge out your eyes. One of the deadliest natural predators on the continent is the crocodile and anyone else might have run at the sight of one them slinking closer to them in the water. On the edge of the aptly named Alligator River, in Australia’s Kakadu National Park, a salt water croc crept closer this native woman and her dog, until she slapped her flip flop against her hand and seemingly scaring the crocodile away. Crocodile enthusiast Lyndon Anlezark filmed the whole encounter, commenting to Reuters, “I don’t think she realised how dangerous this kind of behaviour is.” We don’t think she realized either.

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