Featured Stories: Using Firearms for Self-Defense and Protection

Carrying a firearm is a huge responsibility that should be taken seriously. For those who exercise safe handling of firearms, receive proper training and education, and practice regularly, having a firearm can be extremely useful – especially in life or death situations where self-defense and protection are required.

BJ Baldwin Involved in Self-Defense Shooting

Finding themselves trapped in their vehicle as two armed men approach, BJ Baldwin, a champion racer and NRA member, was carrying his licensed, concealed firearm and quickly sprung into action to protect himself and his girlfriend. As the shooting was declared a clear act of self-defense, Baldwin openly discussed his experience. Watch the full video and interview here: BJ Baldwin Involved In Self-Defense Shooting


Man Disarms Stolen Rifle from Bad Guy in Seattle

During an active protest in Seattle, cameras caught a young man stealing a rifle from the inside of a police vehicle with broken windows. Quickly jumping to action, a nearby man, said to be an active security guard with a news crew, expertly disarms the stolen firearm from the young man – all while keeping his own firearm secure and on target. Be sure to watch the full video here: Bad Guy Steals Rifle From Police Car, Good Guy Disarms Him At Gunpoint


Gas Station Clerk Uses Firearm in Self-Defense Against 4 Armed Robbers

On what was a regular day at work in Houston, Texas, a gas station clerk found himself in a dangerous, life or death situation as four armed men came into the shop. During the attempted robbery, the clerk pulled his concealed firearm in self-defense and opened fire on the robbers, saving himself. Read the full story here: 4 Armed Men Against 1 Armed Gas Station Clerk



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