Fieldcraft: Destination Africa – Episode 5

Fieldcraft: Destination Africa – Episode 5, After the Trigger Pull

Fieldcraft: Destination Africa – Episode 5 explores what happens after the trigger pull. Legal, regulated hunting plays a critical role in local African economies and in the very conservation of the species being hunted.

It creates jobs and feeds the local people: local people are hired to butcher the meat, which makes indigenous protein affordable for the community.

Older animals pose a danger to the health of the herd. Hunting plays a critical role in keeping wildlife populations in balance, ensuring that herds reproduce and have enough water, land and food to thrive. Well-managed hunting programs can be very valuable to conservation efforts. Often times, hunting fees go to conservation efforts.

Fieldcraft: Destination Africa - Episode 5

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About the Fieldcraft: Destination Africa Series:

This 5-part Original Series explores how the hunt of a lifetime can be within reach for the average hunter. Filmed in Kimberly, South Africa, Fieldcraft: Destination Africa breaks down the planning, preparation and thrill of the hunt, while also showing that hunting is essential to the livelihood of many African villages.

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