Finally in the U.S.! The Glock Model 25 380 ACP

In this video, Sootch explores the Glock Model 25 380 ACP, highlighting its remarkable reliability and user-friendly design. He appreciates the Model 25’s compact size and lightweight frame, perfect for concealed carry. With its low recoil, Sootch finds it ideal for both new and experienced shooters.

This model boasts the same engineering excellence as other Glock pistols. The Model 25 features Glock’s Safe Action system, providing a consistent trigger pull from the first to the last round. Furthermore, its low recoil makes it an excellent choice for those seeking accuracy and control.

Moreover, the Glock Model 25 380 ACP offers a durable polymer frame and a corrosion-resistant slide. These features ensure longevity and dependable performance in various conditions. With its 15-round magazine capacity, the Model 25 is both practical and effective for personal defense. The magazine is unique, with the same body size as the 9mm magazine, but has spacers to make the .380 easier to feed into the chamber.

The Glock Model 25 380 ACP stands out as a top choice for those in need of a reliable, easy-to-handle firearm. Its compact size, robust build, and superior safety features make it a standout option. For more details, visit the Glock official website.


CAPACITY: 15 rounds
BARREL LENGTH: 4.02 inches
OVERALL LENGTH: 7.36 inches
HEIGHT: 5.04 inches
WIDTH: 1.26 inches
WEIGHT: 22.75 oz (unloaded)
FRAME: Polymer
SLIDE: Corrosion-resistant steel

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