First Look: SIG Sauer Silencers


I felt way out of my depth when I first started writing this article. I am no expert on silencers, I actually know more about setting up a trust to purchase one than I do about silencers themselves. Trying to understand what SIG’s innovations meant took some research, but I’ve learned a lot and I’m feeling excited, not because of the shiny new suppressors they had at SHOT Show, but because what they’ve created is unique and original.

Unrelated, did you know that the patent and the ATF both use the word “silencer”? “Suppressor” was coined by a gun writer and then perpetuated by Hollywood. That’s why you’ll see me use “silencer” throughout this piece. The things you learn, right?

SIG SAUER SILENCERS is not a marketing exercise. It is a group of brilliant engineers and world-class

shooters dedicated to making the next generation of weapon systems and suppression.” – SIG Sauer silencer catelog

One of the most prominent developments SIG Sauer made when they designed their new silencer line is the new Taper-Lok mounting system. Taper-Lok shines as a fast-attach system, allowing end users to switch quickly and competently between muzzle devices such as silencers, flash-hiders, compensators, and muzzle brakes. It uses a series of tapered edges in order to maintain accuracy across these different devices.

The new fast-attach system starts with a barrel taper, now available on SIG factory guns, which secures the mount module. The module itself includes ACME threads that allow muzzle devices to be quickly attached or removed, and a “mount taper” that provides silencers with near-zero POI shift. After this the crush washer is applied, followed by your muzzle device of choice.


The other nice thing about this system is that the silencers can be attached by hand, and while there are wrench flats if necessary, there are no ratchet teeth to wear out with this system. On a similar note, the mounting accessories are included with the silencer, so they don’t need to be purchased separately.

Of course, for people unfamiliar with silencers it’s easy to glaze past the words “fast-attach” and just think “Yep, that sounds fast all right.” Silencers are available with both fast-attach and direct thread mounting system, which you’ll see in the product charts I’ve put together for this article. Fast-attach systems allow you to run your silencers on a variety of guns and even a variety of calibers. So a direct thread silencer gets attached to one firearm at the caliber of your choice and tend to be a little bit more accurate (although with SIG’s Taper-Lok system that may be a moot point), but the fast-attach system can be used across a variety of guns.

Yes, I did say fast-attach systems can be switched across calibers, but conditionally. SIG’s 7.62-QD line, for example, is “rated up to 300 Win Mag and any other rifle cartridges that are of equal or less projectile diameter, pressure and case capacity. Examples of this would be .204 Ruger, .223/5.56x45mm, 5.45x39mm, 7.62x39mm, 7.62×35 (300 Blackout) 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.8 Spc, .260 Remington and other cartridges. The SRD762-QD comes with one 5/8″-24tpi Taper-Lok muzzle brake.” It’s something to look at if it’s a system you’re interested in. SIG’s website will have this information for you.

The line uses titanium, 17-4 stainless steel, and Inconel 718 to create lightweight yet durable silencers. What is Inconel 718? I wondered too, and apparently we’re not the only ones because SIG’s website explains: “Inconel 718, a Nickel Alloy Stainless Steel, provides the highest level of durability, particularly with short-barreled hosts using supersonic ammunition.” So there you have it, a Nickel Alloy Stainless Steel.

SIG has gone a step above and beyond using the proper materials to cut down on the weight.   The design is tubeless, the baffles are welded together so the extra metal isn’t necessary, cutting weight even further to create some of the lightest silencers on the market.

One of the other things we were able to discuss while examining the silencers at SHOT Show was the price point. Silencers can be intimidating to purchase, due to the paperwork and, frequently, due to the price. However, with bulk purchasing and SIG’s well-established manufacturing process, they are able to offer high-quality silencers at incredibly affordable prices. Get the details on SIG Sauer’s silencers at

By Shelley Rae. Originally published in the June 2015 issue of GunUp the Magazine.

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