Fish Poachers In Canada Arrested And Fined For Fishing Violations

October 25, 2017

Two fish poachers from Winnipeg, Canada were recently caught and fined for fishing violations. They were discovered by a conservation officer at a cottage in Clearwater Bay on Lake of the Woods. The men were then questioned when the officers found evidence of fish cleaning activity.  The local Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry believe the fishermen made false and misleading statements to officials.

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Their fines totaled almost $15,000 for the following violations:

  • $3,500 for obstructing a conservation officer
  • $1,500 for making false and misleading statements to a conservation officer
  • $1,200 for targeting lake trout out of season
  • $500 for unlawfully using fish as bait
  • $500 for using barbed hooks in a restricted area
  • Slough was fined $500 for fishing without a license

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The men have lost their Ontario fishing privileges for two years and their fishing equipment has been seized. Story originally reported by