Florida girl bags her first deer with a bow and can barely handle the excitement

Floridians Trey Larson and Ashley Honnell were on their first deer hunt together in Bradford County when Ashley hit a milestone. After only a month of training and shooting with her very own compound bow, she and Trey climbed up in a treestand and she set her sights on harvesting her first deer. When a doe rustled in the trees beneath them, Ashley lined up her shot and took it. Unfortunately, the doe ducked the arrow and it hit her in the spine. However, Ashley was quick to line up a second shot, aiming for vitals to expire the doe humanely. Once she knew it was over, Ashley could barely keep herself together, with all of the thrill and adrenaline bubbling up at once. It’s great to see the excitement of the first hunt overwhelm someone and know that both them got to share in that moment together.

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