SOOTCH REVIEW | FN Model 1910: The Gun That Started WWI

Sootch’s review of the FN Model 1910 32 ACP provides valuable insights into this classic firearm which is noted as an iconic handgun in firearms history. Maintaining a timeless design and reliable performance, this firearm ensures a dependable shooting experience. Crafted with precision engineering, it delivers consistent accuracy and functionality on the range and in historical reenactments.

Equipped with a 7-round magazine capacity, the Model 1910 offers shooters ample firepower in a compact package. Its 3.5-inch barrel length provides accuracy and reliability, making it suitable for various shooting applications. Sootch highlights the firearm’s compact size and lightweight design, which contributes to both its ease of carry and handling.

Featuring a straightforward blowback operation and manual safety, the FN Model 1910 32 ACP offers shooters a user-friendly and intuitive shooting experience. Its compact size and lightweight design make it ideal for concealed carry or as a backup firearm. Sootch praises the simplicity and reliability of the Model 1910, making it a practical choice for both novice and experienced shooters. With its iconic design and reliable performance, this pistol remains a favorite among firearms enthusiasts and collectors. Whether for self-defense or target shooting, this iconic pistol offers shooters a combination of elegance, reliability, and performance.


The FN M1910 was used in many assassinations in history. Three notable assassinations are Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in 1914, Paul Doumer, President of France, in 1932 as well as also allegedly used to assassinate Huey Long, governor of Louisiana, in 1935. Consequently, it is said that the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife is the act that caused the First World War.


MODEL: FN Model 1910
CALIBER: .32 ACP (7.65mm Browning)
CAPACITY: 7 rounds
BARREL LENGTH: 3.5 inches
WEIGHT (UNLOADED): Approximately 1.3 pounds
ACTION: Semi-automatic, blowback
SAFETY: Manual thumb safety
SIGHTS: Fixed blade and notch
FINISH: Blued or nickel-plated
GRIP: Checkered wood or plastic grips

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