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Recently, I searched online for “games with guns.” The search engine only gave me options of video games with guns. I was not looking for video games. I also was not looking for drills. I was looking for real life shooting games to play at the range. A game you can play with a buddy, and no, not William Tell.

Going to the range and just firing a few rounds at a bulls-eye target is boring. Even doing drills can be boring. There has to be something that makes you think fast, similar to how a drill does, but is also competitive. Most of us have not had the opportunity to compete in shooting matches, which are the ultimate gun games: practical pistol, tactical rifle and 3-Gun get you running and gunning with firearm manipulations, but that is not feasible for most. There are many games to play without the expense and pressure of an actual competition.


Over the years I have collected ideas for gun games to play that I have borrowed from competitions, as well as basic games that have been around a long time. Pistols are not the only guns for gaming. There are tons of ideas for shotguns and rifles as well, at both close and far distances. If you have the availability of longer ranges it makes the games more challenging.

Please make sure the gun games you play are in a safe and designated shooting area. Be aware of your surroundings and backdrops and be courteous to the other shooters around you. Make sure your club or range allows this type of shooting. I’d hate to see any of you get kicked out for breaking the rules. What are the four rules of safe gun handling? #1. Always assume every firearm is loaded. #2. Always keep the muzzle pointed safely down range. #3. Finger off of the trigger until on target. #4. Be aware of what is behind your target. Good. Now go have “a blast.”

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