Gear Review: 9mm MagPump – Spend More Time Shooting!

Shooting is a blast, no pun intended, but high-volume shooting can be a mag-loading, thumb-busting adventure. There are all kinds of loading devices out there to help make the process easier, but the MagPump has taken the ‘ouch’ out of loading up a pile of magazines and keeps you shooting more than loading.

I tell my friends I’m in charge at home, but the reality is, my wife is the big boss. She’s independent and pretty strong-willed. In her defense, she did marry a marine who later became a cop, so I think I may be to blame for some of it. She loves to shoot, but when it comes to loading magazines, all she does is hand them to me. Thus, I have to load double the magazines when we head out to do some training. It has been a pain, but it got her shooting more so it was worth it.


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Since the MagPump loader arrived, she doesn’t mind loading her own magazines and more often than not, we are jockeying for position to be the one who gets to load up our empties. The loader took a few minutes to set up and a few magazines to get the hang of, but we quickly learned how easy it makes filling a high-cap magazine. Fill the hopper with a box of 50 rounds it doesn’t matter how they are positioned, as the machine orients them properly in the tube.  For success, you must run the handle all the way and all the way down. If you short stroke the handle it won’t work — ask me how I know.  I didn’t time it but let’s just say if you have a 15 round magazine it takes 15 pumps of the handle to fill the mag to capacity.

Be sure to read the directions and watch the how-to video (below) – it is super helpful. I’ll place extra emphasis on making sure you run the handle all the way down and not short-stroking.

Switching from GLOCK to SIG to SA is simple – just switch out the adapter and you are off and running. Oh, how could I forget to mention: the loader comes with six adapters for double stack GLOCK, SIG, S&W, Ruger, CZ, and SA. Also available at additional cost are adapters for other double stacks (Beretta, Canik, HK, Hudson, and Walther products). Single stack shooters – don’t fret, they now offer one for the GLOCK 43 and likely more to come. Check the web page often as the options will certainly be changing as fast as they can make them.

Mag pump is currently only made for 9mm pistols, but if magazine fed rifles are your thing, check out their website for all the different loader options.

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