Gear Review: Tungsten Flashlight and Agent Baton from ASP

Some companies are simply well-known cornerstones of an industry. A perfect example is Armament Systems and Procedures, better known as ASP. While they have a diverse product offering, the entire planet knows them as the designers of the ASP expandable baton used by law enforcement agencies around the world. A very interesting piece of trivia regarding ASP is that they started as the company that made the ASP 9mm “spy gun.” This 9mm classic crossed over into fiction as the replacement for James Bond’s Walther PPK in several later Bond novels. Since then they have focused primarily on developing equipment to serve law enforcement. Their motto is “Protecting those who Protect.” They go on to say, “The motto says it all. For more than forty years, ASP has had a single-minded focus on providing law enforcement officers with the finest tools for the safe performance of their duties, and industry-leading training in the use of those tools. Every day, professionals in over 100 countries trust our products and training with their lives — so they can’t afford less than the very best.” When a company with such a strong lineage has new products hitting the market, it is always worth our time to see what’s new. Two items have jumped out at me as I see a use for them beyond the law enforcement arena.

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Tungsten DF Rechargeable Flashlight


This sleek little compact light pushes out 450 lumens on high and can easily illuminate rooms or search areas around a building. It can illuminate an area longer than a football field making it a big light in a small package. The Tungsten also has a “Double Tap” option, which drops the light down to a low 15 lumen setting with just a quick, second press of the tail switch. This is a very nice feature when you just need a little light and don’t want to get washed out with a full power beam. While the rechargeable feature is nice on this light, it gets bonus points because it has Dual Fuel technology. The light runs on either a rechargeable 18650 battery or two common CR123A primary cell batteries. The battery charges inside the flashlight itself. You can use the supplied cord and adapters, or any micro USB phone/electronics charging cord with no separate battery charger needed.


The body of the light is machined from 6061 T6 aerospace aluminum, type III hard coat anodized in a proprietary matte black finish. Premium components include Cree XPG LED, gold-plated connectors, polished aluminum reflector, and optical glass lens. Turning it on and off is completed using a single pressure switch on the tail cap. A 3-position twist selector allows choice of intermittent, constant-on, or locked. This is a nice feature and will eliminate accidental activation should it be pressed up against in a bag or case.


I found this lightweight flashlight to be a pleasure to use. It was small but still had sufficient area to provide a good grip. With the trend to go with enough lumens to light up a city block, I was pleased to find the Tungsten put out a perfect 450 lumens. In some cases, brighter is not better. The ability to use it in a low mode is a major plus as well. If I just need to check something on my gear or write something down, I do not need a portable sun. Overall I give this small light an A+ for performance and design.

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  • Lumens: 450 (high), 15 (low)
  • Run Time: 3 hours
  • Beam Distance: 130m
  • High-performance ASP 18650 rechargeable battery, link battery storage case, removable pocket clip, and zippered ballistic travel case included
  • Length: 5.75″
  • Diameter: 0.9″
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces (with batteries)

Agent Concealable Baton

Also from ASP is the new Agent Concealable Baton. The one I got a close look at is the very easy to carry 30mm model. As I said, ASP is known for batons and this one is built from that DNA. Not as large and cumbersome as their duty carry models, it makes an ideal impact weapon for administrators, investigators, and undercover agents. The baton incorporates a solid 4140 steel striking surface. This is a durable and super hard design. The 7075 T6 aluminum middle shaft and handle are forged to shape and then precision machined. The grip is fine line, Crosstec knurled with spiral microgrooves. It comes with a Nexus clip allowing us to put it on a belt or other strap. The Nexus clip can be adjusted to a variety of positions along the handle to enhance concealment or ease of presentation. Just pop it off and adjust it to the point you need. Being small, it can be concealed inside the waistband or worn on the belt. All Agent batons can be carried tip up or tip down. As with all ASP Disc Loc batons, the Agent is retracted with a simple push of the cap.

This baton caught my eye as a potential civilian personal defense weapon. It is lightweight and easy to conceal. It would make a solid choice for areas where you can’t carry a handgun. Unlike law enforcement, there are not restrictive protocols for where you can strike the body in a civilian application. (Just make sure of your state and local laws before you carry one). Should your welfare be in jeopardy, the Agent baton would make a very effective small striking tool. While not carrying enough mass to affect large muscle areas, it would perform very well against a face, joints, and the neck. All areas that are pretty much taboo for LE outside the grimmest scenario. This baton has already made its way into my “out and about” kit and is something anyone serious about defense should consider.


  • Retracted Length: 6.3″
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • 4140 Steel striking surface
  • Diameter:.875″

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