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I want to talk a little bit about some of the tips and recommendations I have for traveling with firearms whether by plane or a vehicle.

Traveling with Firearms: Hard Cases

First, I do a lot of traveling across the country and if I’m traveling overseas or I’m traveling with firearms across the country via plane, I’d recommend a hard case. Hard cases protect your gun and it keeps people out if you have locking ports. I’d recommend this for all travels, you can use a gun lock on the gun itself as well on the trigger, and then the ammunition actually has to be transported separately, not in the same case as the gun. Your ammunition could be in a separate bag that you check-in, but it cannot be in your case itself.

Generally, when I go hunting, like with a shotgun here, I’m going to carry a hard case. The reason that is, is because a lot of times it’s going to be in the bed of the truck. A hard case will protect it from getting damaged and will help protect the sights from getting bumped. Because of these things, it’s always good to keep it in a hard case just to make sure it’s a little more durable and protected.

Another thing I want to mention is that if you are transporting a gun in a hard case, or a soft case, or even if it’s open carry and you have a CPL, I recommend keeping it out of the bed of the truck, if you go into town, you’re going grocery shopping for a hunt, leave it out of the bed. It just gives somebody an opportunity to steal that and you don’t want somebody to have a weapon that is not theirs that is registered to your name. The reason you want to hide it is that if you are out in the town, and you had this locked up, even if you got a trigger lock on in a case, it’s a gun case. People generally know it’s in a gun case, and some people aren’t allowed to have firearms, so they can’t purchase them, so they might want to steal them. So I’d recommend putting it out of sight.

Traveling with Firearms: Soft Cases

Another type of case would be the soft case. I generally use these the most when I’m going to the gun range just down the road for the day, because I know it’s going to be fine sitting up on my seat when I’m just going down the road. Then the soft case has all these different pockets so that you can organize it and store things a little bit differently how you want. You can also fold it up out of the way when you’re done using it, that way it’s not taking up a whole lot of space. But if you’re traveling via plane or overseas or wherever you’re going long distance, I don’t necessarily recommend a soft case and this is because they’re easy to break into and these don’t really lock. Plus, soft cases will not really protect your firearm so I don’t recommend this for traveling specifically.

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