Welcomes Banned YouTube Gun-Related Channels, The Digital Home to Hunters and Shooting Sports Enthusiasts, Welcomes Banned YouTube Gun-Related Channels

Atlanta, GA – March 22, 2018.  Popular YouTube Firearms Channels are under attack!!  In breaking news this week, YouTube continues its assault on the firearms industry by banning some firearms demonstration videos and shutting down channels that promote the sale of firearms.


Spread the word to our shooting sports community:, a leading digital platform for hunters and shooting sports enthusiasts, welcomes YouTube Gun-Related Channels that promote legal firearms, demonstration of their use and lawful sales. is home to several original video series such as “Ruger’s American New Shooter Academy”, “American Nomads”, “Ruger Range Drills”, “In the Zone: Century Arms Hog Hunting”, “Finding Fearless: Women’s Self Defense Training Course”, “Turkey Hunting in Montana”, “The Good Fight” and more! promotes safe shooting, encourages responsible firearms ownership and supports wildlife conservation through conscientious hunters across the globe.  Over the past 24 hours since YouTube announced their new policies, has struck multiple deals to feature content creators who have been impacted. In addition to this content, will be adding further social feedback functionality to the site, moderated by users, to give the firearms community a place to communicate.

As attacks on our 2nd Amendment continue, it is more important than ever for the outdoor industry to have a trusted, dedicated video platform like

If you’re a banned YouTuber or you know someone who is, now is the time to contact’s editor, Sammy Reese, to get your videos hosted on Don’t let all that hard work and money you invested into creating those videos go to waste. Share them with’s viewers, on a platform that supports the 2nd Amendment.

“While YouTube continues to shut down gun related content there is a tremendous amount of quality firearms, training and hunting information that producers need to distribute and viewers need to see,” said Sammy Reese, Editorial Director of is already an established pro-2A site with proven traffic and demand that will allow producers to monetize their content and remain in front of the right audiences. Our ability to scale makes us an integral option for editorial content producers as well as manufacturers and information/service providers.

To learn more about opportunities to move your channel to, contact Sammy Reese at

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