Glock Concealed Carry Configurations: Sootch00 Edition

Glock Concealed Carry: Glock 29 10mm Sootch00 Edition I get a lot of questions about what I carry so when I bought a Glock 29 Gen 4 from a friend, I decided to show what I like to do to a new carry option. Glock Concealed Carry Guns are all about personal preference so this is just my choice but these can apply to a number of different firearms.

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Night Fision Night Sights:  Night Sites are great self defense. Night Fision patented injection molded sleeve design holds our tritium vials securely in place using ballistic materials. It is very bright and adds a whole other dimension. 

Wheaton Arms Elite Pro Trigger: They are the best for Glocks. No more spongy, mushy feeling trigger. 

Pearce Grip Mag Extensions: These units replace the magazine base plate and retain all other factory components. They do not alter the capacity of the magazine and provide about 1/2″ additional length for better control and comfort. You do not want your gun to be too long.  It gives you a place for your finger to rest.

Pearce Grip Back Plug: This unit installs in the bottom rear cavity of the frame utilizing the lanyard hole for retention

Brass Stacker Trapezoid Lever: These slide locks feature a unique shape that allows for maximum finger purchase making field strip take down a breeze. They have a low-profile design that is approximately flush with the pistol frame reducing holster wear and the general discomfort found with other extended slide locks. It makes a huge difference when breaking down your firearm. It is close to the frame and the extension helps break it down. It gives you just enough to pick it up. 

SMG 30 rd Mag: numbered witness holes and a tough polymer baseplate.

XGrip Mag adapter: Incorporating the larger magazine into the grip, and increasing the gun’s capacity. Full-Size Model 20 magazine, gives you 15+1. It completes the backside of the firearm. if you have a malfunction it allows you to put your thumb in there are get the magazine out. 

StealthGear Ventcore IWB Holster: When you carry firearms, you need the assurance that your concealed holsters are designed and manufactured for excellence. They are very comfortable and have great quality.

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