Glock G19 Vs Glock G48 Comparison by Sootch00

We compare the Glock G19 with the Slimline G48. Same Profile but thinner and the G19 holds 15+1 vs the G48’s 10+1. But there are a lot of other factors that we’ll show advantages and disadvantages.

The Glock G19 is Glock’s most popular firearm. It’s one of those guns that is concealable, yet it shoots just like a full sized gun.

If Sootch00 could have one handgun, it would be the Glock 19. This isn’t necessarily because it is the best handgun, it is because he has so much time invested in it.

Then came the G48, along with the G43x. The G48 is very similar to the G19. One gun carries a ten round magazine and the other has a fifteen round magazine. There are no other major differences except that the G48 is thinner than the G19.

The G19 has been Glock’s best selling handgun for good reasons. It is fifteen plus one, a full sized handgun, and is concealable. Then, when you come in with the slimmer ten round version of the G19, the G48, you get a different feel.

One of the things going for the G19 is that you can add back straps. This is not found on the G48. The way you find it is what you get.

The grip texture on the G19 is a lot more aggressive compared to the G48.  The G48’s grip is more muted and slick. The grip comes down to preference. Sootch00 prefers the G19 grip because it gives you more gripping surface.

The G48 grip is much thinner, which makes the rest of the gun also thinner. The thinner slide adds pointability to the G48. The slide on the G48 is .87 inches, while the slide on the G19 is 1 inch. Similarly, the frame width on the G48 is 1.1 inches and 1.34 inches on the G19.

There are a number of different Glock magazines that you can buy for your G16. However, for the G48 there are a lot less options.

The G48 unloaded weighs 1lb 4.8oz and the G16 weighs 1lb 8.2oz. The difference in weight has to do with the difference in girth. Since the G16 is thicker, it does weigh more. With a mag and a bullet in the chamber, the G48 weighs the same as the G16 without the magazine.

One major difference is that there is no accessory rail on the G48. The rail on the G16 is able to fit your standard lights and lasers. Similarly, on top of the slide, the G48 does not have the option for RNR cuts, while the G16 does.

For testing, we are going to be using Fiocchi ammunition. Also thanks to Lula loaders for sending the mag loader which saves our thumbs.

Shooting the G16 and the G48 side by side, you are really able to tell the difference between them. One of the things that was surprising was that the G48 has more muzzle rise than the G16.

After putting a ton of rounds through both handguns, they both shoot great.

With the G48, you can attach the G43 or G43x slide onto its frame because they are the same size. You can not do this for the G19.

If you have one of these handguns or neither of them and are looking to get one, they are both excellent. I hope that we have shown some advantages and disadvantages for both of them.

Big thanks to Fiocchi USA for their Sponsorship!

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