Glock G44 22LR Pistol Sootch00 Review

The New Glock G44 in 22LR is Glock’s first Rimfire Pistol. It’s the size of a G19 with a Polymer Steel Re-enforced Slide and 10 rd Magazine capacity. Excellent for training, plinking, sport shooting and introducing new shooters to the Sport. Available Jan. 20, 2020.

Glock just introduced their G44 which is in 22 Long Rifle. It has the same size, trigger pull, and magazine size as the G19. Thanks to Glock for sending us this G44.

The G44 22 LR is the same size as the standard G19. The G44 is really a departure from a lot of the other rimfire handguns out there. The ten round magazine is standard for rimfire and is also what Glock went with. Glock was trying to make a super reliable handgun and that is what they chose to help with that. One of the great things about the magazine is that the G19 magazine is the same size as the G44 mag. This is a huge plus for training to give you extra magazines if you have both the G19 and G44.

The G44 has a flared magwell which allows for a quick insert for your magazines.

The polymer slide is a huge departure from Glock. With the polymer side, it has reinforced steel underneath. If the whole slide was steel it would not be able to cycle the rim rounds like it needs to.

The Glock G44 22 LR is made in the United States. They are clearly marked and is not a Colt or S&W

The frame is a generation five style frame. Compared to the G19, the G44 is almost exactly the same. Besides the slide and magazines, everything else is similar.

The G44 does have adjustable rear sights and then your standard front post like your typical Glock. They are compatible with your standard aftermarket sights. One thing you need to be careful of is when you are inserting your aftermarket sights into the polymer side. The polymer can get damaged if you do not insert your sights correctly.

The grip is the generation five grip with the pyramid texturing. The mag release is behind the trigger and makes for an easy reload. The mag release is also ambidextrous so you can switch it to the other side if that is your taste. The slide stops are ambidextrous and located on both sides of the frame. The trigger is the standard Glock trigger and has the same trigger pull as the other Glocks. You are going to get that consistency every time when firing. On the bottom of the frame is the Glock accessory rail. This rail is compatible with most of your lights and lasers.

The barrel length is 4.02 inches and is a marksman barrel. It should be extremely accurate. Sootch00 was hitting targets out to 108 yards at the Glock event with no problem. When you pull back the slide on the G19 and other Glocks, the barrel rises. On the G44 22 the barrel is straight when you pull back the slide. This is due to the barrel sitting lower than the other Glocks.

The weight on the G44 with a magazine is 14.8 oz. The G19 with a magazine is 24.2 oz. The 10oz difference is very noticeable and you can tell the difference when holding them both.

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On a number of 22 LR handguns the trigger can have problems when dry firing. However, because this is Glock’s trigger mechanism, there are no problems when dry firing.

The trigger pull weight is 5.5 pounds. This is average for Glocks.

The 22 is a great gun to take with family and friends out to the range so that you can teach them how to shoot. If you are looking at getting a G19, the G44 is very similar and works almost exactly the same. The G44 is a great Glock to learn how to shoot with.

When testing, we only had two small malfunctions when shooting all the different types of ammunition. During the second day of testing, we had no malfunctions and the G44 continued to work perfectly.

Glock spent three years researching and developing this handgun to get it to where it is. They were going for perfection. That perfection is in the G44’s reliability.

To take the G44 apart, first remove the magazine and pull the trigger like you would on any Glock. Next, bring back the slide about a quarter of an inch and push down on the takedown tabs. The slide should come right off. The barrel comes right out the slide and even though it is a blowback design, it is not a fixed barrel. All of the insides of the gun are steel and this can be seen when taking the gun apart. 

To put the gun back together, put everything back in the same way you took it out. 

The G44 does have replaceable backstraps so that the gun can fit any hand. Glock is also offering a threaded barrel option kit that is sold separately.

The G44 comes in your standard Glock case and has all the pieces inside just like your G19.

The msrp on the Glock G44 is $439 and the market price is around $359. Some people believe that that is on the expensive side. However, considering that you can get a 22 conversion kit for $300-$350, this is a great buy.

The G44 offers reliability in a 22 LR that is unsurpassed. This gun is going to give you good reliability with a number of different ammunitions. If you already have a Glock 19, this is a great training option. It is the same size and works almost the same. The G44 is super lightweight and is a great gun to put in a pack if you want to carry a pistol.

Again, thanks to Glock for sending the pistol for this review.

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Thanks to Glock for sending the G44 for the review.

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