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Glock G44 & Walther PPQ 22 Sootch00 Comparison

We compare the new Glock G44 with the Walther PPQ 22. A lot of similarities and difference, but both are the exact same dimensions and controls of their larger caliber Brothers. Gun Buyer

Glock just introduced their LR 22 pistol. It is based on the same size as your G19, is excellent for training, and has a lot of unique features. Then, we have the Walther PPQ 22 which is just like the standard Walther PPQ 9mm handgun. 

Compared to each other, the two handguns have completely different designs. If you have a Walther PPQ, the PPQ 22 is a great option for training. Similarly, if you have a Glock G19, the G44 is a great option.

First, we are going to make sure that the guns are unloaded. First, the differences with the magazines. The Walther has a twelve round magazine while the Glock only has a ten round magazine. The Walther magazine is similar to the standard magazines used by other 22s, while the G44 magazine is similar to the G19 magazine which helps for training. The Glock comes with two polymer magazines and the PPQ comes with one steel magazine.

One of the biggest differences right off the bat is the Glock’s polymer slide. This keeps the slide very lightweight and easy to use. With the Walther, it is an aluminum alloy slide that is very easy to pull back. The aluminum slide does tend to wear. However, Walther has done some things to reinforce it.

The grips are different. The Glock has the standard Glock Generation 5 grip with the small pyramids, while the Walther has an aggressive version of the standard PPQ grip. The Glock comes with extra backstraps to better fit your hand depending on your hand size. The Walther only comes with the one backstrap.

The two handguns are very similar in size. The Walther is slightly bigger and has a slightly wider slide. Both 22 LRs have ambidextrous slide stops and mag releases for the right hand that can be switched to the other side. The Glock has the standard goal post sights that are made of polymer and adjustable. The Walther has standard PPQ sights and is made of steel. 

Just like their bigger brothers, the Glock has a lower bore axis and the Walther has a higher bore axis. The rails on both guns work great and fit most lights and lasers. The Walther PPQ 22 weighs 22.4oz, while the Glock G44 which only weighs 14.8oz.

One of the things that Glock wanted to achieve was that the G44 would not only be a training handgun for the G19, but also something that you could have in a pack for hiking, camping, or the outdoors.

When it comes to your trigger pull action, the Walther PPQ 22 has a nice clean break. The Glock G44 also has a break, not as smooth as the Walther, but still very smooth. The Glock G44’s trigger mechanism is the same as the G19’s mechanism. Between the two triggers, the Walther PPQ 22’s is much better.

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When shooting 22, there is usually very little recoil and barrel flip. The Walther does have more weight and you can definitely tell when firing. Sootch00 felt that when firing, he had better control over the G44 than the PPQ 22. 

We had no malfunctions with either handgun when firing.

Really the biggest thing with these two guns is which one fits your hand better. If you already have a Glock go with the G44 and if you already have a PPQ, then go with the PPQ 22.

Durability wise, the G44 is more durable especially with the polymer slide and steel reinforcements. Even with that, the Walther is still durable and can last for a long period of time.

When it comes to differences, we saw a lot when disassembling the firearms. The G44 disassembles just like normal Glocks. The inside of the G44 looks almost exactly the same to the inside of the G19. The Walther PPQ 22 comes apart like your standard blowback action pistol. The inside looks a lot different than the standard PPQ. The barrel inside the PPQ 22 is fixed and both the spring and guide rod sit underneath that barrel. The PPQ 22 is also a hammer fire unlike the G44. 

When dry firing, the Glock can do it with no problems. The Walther doesn’t have problems with dry firing until you begin to fire it excessively over time.

One big plus of the PPQ is the internal threaded barrel. You can add suppressors or compensators if you want to. The G44 does not have this option at the moment, but Glock is coming out with an additional barrel that is threaded to allow for those additions.

After disassembly, we are able to see all the differences between the two firearms. The Walther PPQ 22 is a lot different than its big brother. On the other side, the G44 is very similar to the G19, even internally.

The price for the Walther PPQ 22 is around $330 and the price for the G44 is $439 from the Glock website. At a local retailer, you can find that price lower.

Both guns have their pros and cons and are great 22 pistols. If you already have one of their big brothers, stick in the family and get that pistol.

“Be Strong, Be of Good Courage, God Bless America, Long Live the Republic.” – Sootch00

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