Glock Model 20 Gen 4 10mm Pistol Sootch00 Review

Glock introduced their Model 20 in 1991. It is a 10 mm full-size pistol and it really needs to be full-size because 10 mm is pretty stout. In fact, Glock introduced this pistol because the FBI was taking a real serious look at switching from 9mm to 10mm. After a lot of trials and testing, they decided to go with a .40 caliber. One of the things about the Glock is because of the polymer frame, it reduces the felt recoil, it makes it much more comfortable to shoot. And so with 15+1 and 10mm, this makes an excellent companion for hunting if you’re on the trail and it makes a great self-defense firearm as well. Then, you’ve got the power of .357 Magnum with 15 rounds. To be honest with you, I’ve been waiting on the Gen 5 Glock Model 20, and then I just got impatient and went ahead and bought the Gen 4 from a good friend of mine – and I’m glad I did.

Now when you look at a Glock, they’re pretty recognizable. It doesn’t matter what model it is, they have pretty much the same lines – even the subcompacts. With the Model 20 and the Model 21, which is in 45 ACP, they are the largest frame pistols that they make. Now they do make a long slide version of those as well and they’re just the biggest pistols that Glock makes – and with 10mm, it’s the most powerful caliber that Glock offers. It is a 15 round magazine, has a polymer frame striker for the pistol and it has a steel slide. The barrel is a hammer forged barrel and it has polygonal groups, which means you really need to shoot ammunition that’s jacketed. If you shoot lead bullets in the polygonal grooves they can build up and they can cause problems. Some of the models that are now Gen 5 have slide serrations at the front, but Glock has not introduced that model yet. 

One thing about Glock is the trigger pull, it’s a little bit spongy. I’ve been shooting these triggers forever and you know, the Gen 5s are actually a little bit better. But still, they’re just not known for being really excellent triggers. However, I’ve gotten used to them because again, I’ve been shooting these for around 30 years. 

The texturing on the Glock Model 20 Gen 4 grip is really nice. They have small little pyramids, and it’s not too aggressive, but it gives you a nice confident feel when you grab the firearm. One thing about the Gen 4, which to me is a big plus, is that they’ve trimed the back strap down.

A few years ago I made a video saying that the Glock was so popular, and that has a lot to do with Glock being very simple. It’s incredibly simple to replace parts. It’s simple to take care of. And of course one of the biggest appeals of Glock is that you can customize them if you want to.

Now when you take the Glock Model 20 out to the range, it definitely has more recoil than most of your semi-automatic firearms. 10mm definitely has a lot more velocity and the bullet weight compared, especially to the .45 which is slower moving, does have a heavier feel as well. There’s something about that power with the 10mm. You can just feel the power and there’s a lot of velocity in the round. Once you master the grip of the firearm and you get a hold of it, it is a very accurate firearm. There’s definitely some muzzle rise when you’re shooting it, but the advantage is that you have that extra power – especially if you’re carrying this as a sidearm for hunting, you’re going camping or hiking, or again you are carrying just for self-defense, I mean it’s an excellent gun to be able to take and it gives you a lot of confidence.

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model 20 gen 4

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