The Good Fight – Counter-Poaching Initiative: Episode 2

October 24, 2016

In episode 2 of The Good Fight, presented by SIG Sauer, Instructor Zero, and the Orion Poaching Prevention Academy come in to help the Rangers improve fighting capabilities to meet the encroaching threat. Endangered rhinos hang in the balance as their horns can fetch up to 1 million dollars each.

Criminal poaching syndicates are becoming sophisticated, militarized and funding terrorist organizations. The Rangers at Pilanesberg National Park are in for the fight of their lives…but support just dropped in!

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We have setup a GofundMe page where you can offer your support to the Pilanesberg Rangers. Unlike most Rhino funds which never make it where it’s needed, we will directly deliver 100% of all profits for The Good Fight Anti-Poaching Fund directly to the Pilanesberg Rangers that will cover their training and new equipment such as drones, rifle slings, clothing, protective gear, surveillance equipment etc.