Gordon Ramsay Goes Wild Boar Hunting, First Butchering in the Wild (graphic images)

Gordon Ramsay’s menu calls for wild boar! Naturally, he heads into Georgia where the wild boar population is rampant. Wild boars are big, fast, destructive and delicious. “Their meat is lean, tender, and bursting with flavor,” says Ramsay. With a trained hunter and American soldier stationed at Alabama’s Fort Benning, Ramsay goes into the brush in search of wild boar. Will Ramsay do better with a long range rifle or a pistol?

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After 2 hours of wild hog tracking, the two men come upon a wild boar in a cage trap. “When we get to the cage, if that pig gets out of the cage, our drill is to just jump on top of the cage,” says the army major. See his reaction to the possibility of the trapped wild boar getting free before they can make the kill.

After the army major makes the shot, Ramsay sets to work bleeding the wild boar, skinning it, and finally butchering it. He admits this is his first time butchering in the wild. Cooler stacked with ice water and freshly butchered wild boar meat, they head back to camp for seasoning, grilling and feeding Fort Benning’s men and women.

Mountain oysters anyone?


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