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For all the men and women that have purchased their first handguns, Welcome! Whether you’ve invested in your first gun for self-defense or home defense it’s important to get up to speed with gun safety. is committed to helping new gun owners learn how to use their new gun safely. Watch our video for some great Gun Safety 101 Tips. And share them with your friends and family, even if they have not purchased their new firearm yet.

Gun Safety 101 Tips #1

Number one, and probably the most important, is trigger discipline. Never put your finger on the trigger until you’re absolutely ready to fire—and that means your gun is ready and pointed at the target that you want to shoot.

Gun Safety 101: Tip #2

Following that, the next important rule is to treat every gun as if it’s loaded, even if you know 100% that it is not. Even if you check the barrel, you know it’s clear, you are never going to point it at a friend, or at a target that I’m not willing to shoot at. Again, even if it’s unloaded make sure it’s always pointed in a safe direction.

Gun Safety 101: Tip #3

Next, you want to make sure that you’re very sure of what’s behind the target you intend to shoot. This means making sure there’s no livestock or no houses if you’re in a residential area—you want to make sure that there’s nothing behind it that’s going to be hit by accident if you do end up missing your target. You always want to make sure there’s a solid backdrop like a big dirt pile or something to stop that bullet, so you know it’s not going to ricochet or go farther than you intend.

Gun Safety 101: Tip #4

The next thing to think about is making sure that when you receive or hand a gun off to somebody that it is unloaded and safe to handle. You want to make sure that your mag is empty, reload it, pull it back, and then because it’s empty, you can see that the slide locks back. Now, you know that the gun is safe and unloaded. Even when you’re transferring the gun and not just holding it yourself, make sure that the gun is unloaded, and safe, there’s nothing in the barrel, no debris, no ammo—no matter what you’re doing. Every time you transfer, you should do this same process.

Gun Safety 101: Tip #5

Now what a lot of new gun buyers might not realize is pistols and other semi-automatic versions and varieties don’t actually have a safety mechanism or buttons like your standard hunting rifle or shotgun. In fact, pistols like this one have an integrated safety built into the trigger. So what that means is you first start to squeeze off the trigger it releases that integrated safety and then you can finally finish pulling. If you try to pull the trigger from up top, it doesn’t actually fire because it won’t pull all the way through. But, when you pull your finger down and push that mechanism down while you’re pulling it, that’s when your gun will actually be ready to fire. This is where trigger discipline is super important because without that safety built-in, having your finger off the trigger is the most important thing you can do.


Gun Safety 101: Tip #6

As a good tip for new gun owners, it’s great when you can get out to the range to practice your dry firing. You can do this at home or just about anywhere. The first thing is to make sure your firearm is empty. To practice dry fire, you can aim in a clear and safe direction and shoot. This will give you confidence with your trigger and knowing when that gun actually going to go off and you can feel that and then you get used to it—but also gives you overall confidence with your gun.

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These are just a few of the most common gun rules that everyone should follow to maintain good gun safety, so always brush up on your gun safety 101.

Gun Safety 101 | GetZone New Gun Owner Tips

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