Springfield Armory M1A Scout Squad Rifle w. Archangel Stock Range Test

We’re here at the shooting facility in Phoenix, Arizona on a beautiful spring day and we’re going to be shooting our M1A Scout Squad Rifle with our brand new Archangel stock. We just installed this stock and we’ll see how it compares. So let’s go ahead and fire a couple of three round groups at 50 yards. I am not a really good rifle shooter, so we’re going to go ahead and see how it performs with a 150 grain American Eagle Full Metal Jacket ammunition. This stock has sold this adjustability on it for comb and length of pull. I left it at the most compressed part because I don’t really need more height on the comb because I’m looking through the fixed sights and this length of pull works perfectly for me. Let’s go ahead and shoot it and see how it performs.

I’m going to be using this old Vietnam era magazine because I just like the way it feels as it’s already been broken in and it’s a really good magazine. The factory one is great but I like the old fashioned, 20 rounders.

I’m also going to shoot another group with a Remington 168 Green Boat Tail hollow point ammunition. This is a little bit better ammunition because it’s got the hollow point and at 168 grain I think this rifle is going to perform a little better with a little heavier bullet and using hollow point is probably going to improve.

This stock makes this rifle so much more comfortable to shoot. The standard USGI stock is perfectly good, works great. But if you want to take it to the next level above, this is the stock you need to get.

What I was really impressed with is that this rifle really likes the Remington hollow point ammunition much better than the full metal jacket. So this is the ammunition I’m going to be using for this rifle from now on. We’re going to be doing much more testing with it and we’re going to be throwing a scope on it and see how much better my groups get by is going from iron sights to a scope.

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m1a scout squad rifle

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