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Hear Better with the ProSounds H2P Hearing Enhancement and Protection Device

ProSounds H2PProSounds H2P

The ProSounds H2P is an all-in-one solution for hearing protection and enhancement, protecting hearing by automatically blocking out any noise exceeding 85 decibels, and its various foam and silicone tips reduce the damaging levels of noise by up to 30 decibels. Even with protective tips and digital noise reduction, H2P’s digitally-enhanced, high-fidelity surround sound ensures conversations and other useful noises can be heard easily – and from a device no thicker than a quarter inch, effectively eliminating the inconvenience and discomfort of most over-the-ear hearing protection and enhancement devices.

H2P combines the latest technology with total comfort and performance and gives the user complete control of their level of hearing enhancement and protection in any situation. The H2P fits snugly in the conchal “bowl “of the external ear, with the tip sealing the ear canal. They come with three unique tips: foam, silicone and tulip tips. The foam tips offer maximum levels of hearing protection, and the silicone tips offer superior comfort.

For people who are concerned with only sound enhancement, the tulip tips are designed to fit in the ear canal without sealing it completely – which leaves the ear open to receive natural sound while H2P digitally enhances sounds that are out of range of the user’s natural hearing level. The tulip tip is exclusively for sound enhancement and does not provide hearing protection.

Additional features include:

The ProSounds H2P is available for preorder on Indiegogo with early-bird pricing starting at $299 — $200 off the suggested retail price. For more information, and to preorder ProSounds H2P, visit

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