Helpful tip for getting a triple-hook out of your hand

Bassmaster Elite Series champion Kevin VanDam is no stranger to what can inevitably happen to any fisherman, but years of experience have taught him a few tricks for getting a hook out of his hand on the fly. It’s not a painless procedure, but this is better than having to sit out the rest of the day or having one of your fishing buddies perform some ad-hoc surgery on you. Kevin recommends taking your lure off the offending hook first, while being careful not to make the hook dig in any deeper. From there, you’re going to need a friend to tie a few knots around the bend of the hook on the side that is stuck into your skin, then anchor it by looping line around your free arm. After that, it’s time to bite down on something and let your friend do the hard work by yanking the hook away. It’s going to sting, but you’ll back to casting your line out before you know it.

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