Henry Arms 45-70 Side Gate Lever Action Rifle Sootch00 Review

Henry Arms makes some of the best lever action rifles on the market, all made in the USA and they’re well known for their really high-quality standards with their firearms. With a lever action, the Henry Arms 45-70 is hands down my favorite. It’s a very large caliber, it’s a large bullet, and man, it packs a punch. But there’s just something about it. Honestly, to me, it’s almost like taking a 1911 .45 and putting it in a rifle version and being able to shoot. It’s that same kind of slow push back and it is just so highly effective.

The Henry Arms 45-70 was designed in 1873, not long after the Civil War and it was adopted by the US government in the Springfield Trapdoor. Of course it was black powder at that time, and now they use smokeless powders. “45” comes from the 45 caliber whereas “70” is originally 70 grains of black powder and that’s where the name comes from. But this is a very popular caliber in lever actions and now with the Henry side loading gate, that makes a huge difference. I’ve been reviewing Henry rifles for a long time and the biggest complaint is that it’s only tube-fed. A lot of people like that side-loading gate, which I definitely understand as it’s very fast to reload. But, the great thing about the Henry, is they didn’t do away with this really nice brass tube and their brass magazine. So now, you have the best of both worlds. And again, you really just get that beautiful Henry rifle quality.

A lot of people are excited about the side gate option on the Henry Arms rifles. In fact, all the different calibers are coming with that now. And with the 45-70, this is my favorite, I just love this caliber. Again, it’s been around for almost 150 years, and it’s still just as popular today with big game hunters as it is with shooters.

One of the things about 45-70 is that the range is just phenomenal as far as it is lethal. These are definitely 1000 yard rifles with the right setup. Now, with a lever action rifle like this, without a scope, you’re not going to be able to get those kinds of distances. With that being said, you can definitely put a scope on this. But for what most of us use this firearm for, this is a great option and it can definitely take anything on the North American continent.

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Years ago my brother was looking for a 45-70 but couldn’t find one so he ended up buying a 444 Marlin – which also packs a punch. It’s pretty close to the 45-70 and ballistics, but it just really wet my appetite for that big boar caliber. Ever since then, I’d wanted a 45-70 and after I bought my first one, I was dead set. If you’ve never tried 45-70 and recoil doesn’t scare you, then this is definitely one to check out. A

The Henry Arms rifles are all made in the USA. They do have a lifetime warranty on them. One of the things that Henry says is made in the USA or not at all. There’s a ton of different models of these made again and I mean there’s just a number of different calibers and that includes the sideloading gates. If you’re looking for a 45-70, especially in the lever action, I highly recommend checking out the Henry Arms. They’re to me the best lever action rifle company out there with really high-quality wood, beautiful metal, beautiful finishes, and of course now with the side loading gate. This really gives you the best of both worlds and makes it very safe.


Barrel Length: 19.8″
Barrel Type: Round Blued Steel
Rate of Twist: 1:20
Overall Length: 38.1″
Weight: 7.09 lbs.
Receiver Finish: Polished Brass
Rear Sight: Fully Adj. Semi-Buckhorn w/ Diamond Insert
Front Sight: Ramp w/ .062″ Ivory Bead
Scopeability: Drilled and Tapped
Scope Mount Type: Weaver 63B
Stock Material: American Walnut
Buttplate/Pad: Brass
Length of Pull: 14″
Safety: Transfer Bar
Best Uses: Target/Hunting/Large Game/Collector, Deer, Elk best at up to 125 yards
Embellishments/Extras: Regular Lever. Swivel Studs ​

We appreciate Henry for their help and Fiocchi for sponsoring the ammo.

henry arms 45-70

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