HK VP9sk B Model Compact Pistol – Sootch00 Review

The VP9 was introduced by HK in 2014. HK went through a 90,000 round test on the VP9 and the gun was still working great showing just how durable and tough they are. VP stands for Volkspistole in 9mm. This is the third striker fired pistol by HK. The first one was the VP40 and the second was the VP70. In 2017 HK introduced the VP9sk which has the paddle mag release. However, in 2020, they introduced the VP9sk B Model which has the push button mag release. 

As far as quality goes, the VP9 from HK has been a huge hit and of course HK already has a strong reputation for durability and accuracy.

The VP9sk B  has a ten round magazine with a finger extension. The magazine fits right into the little notch on the grip. The gun also comes with a thirteen round mag with a spacer if you wanted to change out your normal magazine.  

The big thing about the VP9sk B Model is the push button mag release. It is located on the frame and can be hit without having to adjust your grip. Because you don’t have to change your grip, some may think that you would inadvertently hit the mag release. However, we have found that this is not the case. 

The HK VP9sk weighs 1lb 8.6oz while the standard HK VP9 weighs 1lb 10.6oz.

One of the things about the VP9 is that there are some unique features about it. One of those things is the cocking ears on the back. They allow you to grip that slide much easier and give you a little bit more leverage on those ears. They are not very intrusive meaning they are pretty flat to the frame and don’t stick out that much.  

On the bottom of the VP9sk is an accessory rail allowing for the addition of a light or laser.  The trigger guard is a square trigger guard which gives you ample room to fire with gloves on.

The grip is one of the main things that separates it from some of your other striker fired pistols. It’s so ergonomic and when you put your hand in it, it just molds into your hand. The grip has a small finger groove at the front to keep your hand comfortable and stable. The laser etching is in a squiggly line pattern and gives you good traction when firing. There are three different options for the backstrap: small, medium, and large. On the sides, you can also swap out the side straps. These part swaps allow you to better fit the pistol grip to your hand depending on your hand size.

heckler and koch

The steel sights are luminescent and give you some night capability. HK does create tritium sights that are interchangeable with the steel ones. The red dot on the back of the firearm is a cock striker indicator which tells you when the striker is cocked and ready to fire.

The slide lock is abbreviated and on both sides of the VP9sk. In front of it is the takedown lever which allows the slide to go back into place. 

The barrel is hammer forged and according to HK is cannon grade steel. It is 3.39 inches in length.

The slide has a matte finish to it and is what HK calls their hostile environment finish. The finish is impregnated into the metal and will keep ware and corrosion down.

On the VP9 series, the trigger is excellent. The trigger has a blade safety which will disengage the trigger. The trigger pull weight is 4lbs 7oz and is very crisp when firing.

For this test, we are going to be using Fiocchi ammunition and a maglula loader to load the VP9sk more efficiently. 

When firing, there was no difference between shooting the VP9 with the push button release or the VP9 with the paddle release.

The style of release is the only difference between the two pistols and it all comes down to preference. Some people prefer the paddle release and some people prefer the push button release which is why HK came out with this version.

The HK VP9 is the most ergonomic pistol on the market in Sootch00’s opinion. The grip of the Glock comes nowhere near the grip of the VP9.

The HK VP9sk B comes with a hard case that includes the VP9sk, a ten round magazine with a finger extension, a thirteen round magazine with a spacer, a mag loader, two backstraps, and two sets of side grips. All of these pieces allow you to customize your VP9 to fit your needs.

The price on the VP9 is around $550 and up. This is due to the world renowned quality of HK.

Thanks to HK for sending the Model B for this test and evaluation.

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Big thanks to Fiocchi USA for their Sponsorship!

“Be Strong, Be of Good Courage, God Bless American, Long Live the Republic” – Sootch00

VP9sk B

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