How to easily roast a whole hog in your back yard

It takes some effort, but you can be roasting a hog in your backyard after one trip to your local hardware store. You don’t need a stone and steel oven or giant pit to make a summer barbecue of legend. This DIY master chef shows how to build a backyard oven and how to prep and roast a whole hog. You’ll need some rebar, wire fencing, and some thermal ply to build an impressive oven that can be fueled by charcoal and wood chips. As with any backyard cooking, use common sense and prepare for any potential fire hazards. Keep an extinguisher nearby, monitor your temperature, and position your pit away from any other flammable structures. If a lumber framed oven causes concern, use brick, stone, or cinder block instead. As long as your fire management is well controlled, you shouldn’t have any problems.

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