How To Make A Tarp Survival Shelter In Two Minutes

YouTuber, phillip griffiths, demonstrates how to build a tarp survival shelter in two minutes. Time is of the essence in a survival situation, especially one where you need shelter from the elements as fast as possible, for you and your gear.

Would you be able to set one up as fast?
tarp survival shelter setup   tarp survival shelter setup 2


Important things to remember before building your tarp shelter:

1. Look for the perfect location. The ground should be comfortable enough if you plan to get some sleep. Pointy rocks and other hard objects will keep you awake.

2. The direction from which the wind is blowing should also be taken into account or your shelter will blow away with it if the wind gets under it.

3. The ground should slope slightly for the water to runoff. If there is no slope, you will have to dig some trenches around your shelter to aid drainage.

4. Don’t set up your tarp over ant nests or any type of burrows. Sounds obvious but you need to check.

5. Avoid building your shelter below the high tide mark of a shoreline, on top of a hill or ridge or on a river bank.

6. Don’t set up camp beneath a tree branch that is dead or partly broken. Overhead tree branches can provide shade but during a storm, there is a chance that a dead or broken tree branch could fall on your tarp shelter.

It is up to you what tarpaulin material you should use; the heavier the construction, the greater both the abrasion resistance and the tear strength. But keep in mind that you will be carrying it with you while hiking and having a heavy pack is not ideal. You will likely want to use a tarp that is lightweight for easier transport.

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