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Store Your Guns & Ammo in the Right Type of Gun Safe

In this video, we will be covering the proper way that I recommend to store your guns & ammo in your home. We’ll discuss in-home storage of firearms and what makes a safe a good gun safe.

Gun Safe Feature to Consider: Weight

One of the things I look for when I purchase a good gun safe is I want to make sure the safe is heavy. The reason for that is if a burglar breaks into your house and they see a safe, you don’t want something they can carry away. This safe right here it’s about 300 pounds empty, but with the guns and anything else I have a value in there, it probably weighs about 400 to 500 pounds—so no one’s gonna walk out of my house with this safe on their back.

Gun Safe Feature to Consider: Wall Thickness

Another thing I look for when purchasing a gun case is actually the thickness of the walls. This one has got two and a half inches of steel on the door, and that thickness carries around the back beside the top to bottom, so it’s pretty well enclosed. This just gives me peace of mind knowing that my safes and valuables are kind of protected better from the elements of any catastrophic damage, like flood or fire, or anything else I might not expect.

Reasons You Need a Gun Safe:

Generally, there are two main reasons that you’re going to want to get yourself a gun safe. Number one, you just bought a new gun, you spent $1,500 on it, you want to keep your valuables safe, you want to keep that gun clean and safe from any kind of damage. The second reason people should want to get a gun safe is guns are actually dangerous tools, and if you’ve got curious kids running around, you don’t want to have them handling the gun and experience. Another reason is, that if you’ve got guns laying around the house and people coming over that are inexperienced, you don’t want them to handle your firearms. So put them away, don’t keep them out, get a proper gun safe, and keep them out of reach.

Gun Safe Feature to Consider: Location

Now, you have got a good safe for your guns. But, the next question is, where do you put it? For me, I want to make sure that the safe is high and dry. The worst enemy of a gun is wet, damp, cold areas, corrosion will deteriorate any firearm, and you do not want that kind of damage on your gun. So keep them safe, keep them high, keep them dry. Safes stay out of the basement, and they stay in a warm, dry climate.

For those of you that don’t have that many large guns, like a rifle or shotgun, let’s say you have a couple of pistols, and you still want to keep them safe without breaking the bank on a large gun safe. I would recommend these little pistol vaults. They’re secure, they’re made of solid steel, they’re gonna keep your gun fireproof, and most of all, they’re lockable, and they keep your gun safe.

Ammunition Storage: Gun Safe or Closet?

Lets discuss next how I would recommend you store your ammo. First and foremost, I would recommend storing as much ammo as possible in your safe. The same rules apply—it keeps them out of the elements, protects them, and out of the hands of curious kids. But if you have ammo like me, it’s kind of like a currency. I’ve got a lot of it, and it doesn’t all fit nicely, so I like to use these little plastic ammo cans. They do the same thing, keep elements out and keep my ammo in like-new condition.

These are just a few of my personal recommendations when considering how to store your guns & ammo in your home.

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While I applaud you for recommending gun owners own and using a gun safe to store their firearms, the speaker sure went off the rails with his information about that ENTRY LEVEL safe he showed. He claims it weighs about 300# EMPTY and another 100-150# with the guns. BALDERDASH! That Sentry Brand safe MAYBE weighs 125# EMPTY and that entry door is NOT, I repeat NOT TWO INCHES THICK (2"), no way, no HOW! I don't mean to throw water on your parade but you are being seriously disingenuous by making such claims, especially on the door thickness and giving new buyers FALSE HOPE! Even my high-end safe doors aren't anywhere near that thickness. Maybe if you factor in all levels, perhaps, but JUST the outer face will usually be in the neighborhood of only 1/4" thick. So I suggest you make a retraction video/statement and better inform your viewers. Otherwise once they learn the TRUTH you may find they disregard anything else you say as being untrue as well. Just sayin'.

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