How To: Wear And Adjust An IWB Concealed Carry Holster

The How to Wear and adjust an IWB Concealed Carry Alien Gear Holster video is back up!

Alien Gear Holsters makes the most comfortable IWB Concealed carry holsters. The gun holsters are American made, backed with their Iron Clad Triple Guarantee.

Alien Gear Holsters offers a variety in pistol holster selection.

The original Cloak Tuck: A leather hybrid IWB ( inside the waistband holster ) designed for comfort, concealment, and durability. This IWB holster spreads the weight and contact of the gun around your body, making it more comfortable than standard IWB holsters.

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The Cloak Tuck 2.0: A composite hybrid inside the waistband holster designed for unsurpassed comfort, concealment, and durability. This IWB is made from a neoprene composite materiel that instantly forms to your body, eliminating break in time. For the most comfortable IWB holster available that conceals as good or better than any other handgun holster available. The neoprene used is closed-cell, making this holster waterproof and sweat proof as well.

The Cloak Slide: A hybrid outside the waistband OWB holster designed for maximum concealment beneath clothing. This holster is made from the same high quality material as the original Cloak Tuck.

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