Hunt It: Big South Texas Whitetails

November 18, 2021

Back down south for another hunt and this time, putting the Swagger Bipod to work on a crossbow. Of course, Swagger is obviously made for guns, but on this crossbow it’s an unreal, perfect setup.

In the previous year’s hunt, the team had spent an awful lot of time in the blind this time last year on a buck. He was really tall and built, and the team pegged him for a five year old last year. This summer, new trail camera pictures show him cruising in and the team has their eyes set on taking him home.

With a north wind down here in South Texas, they call the northerners not very common, so many think the deer are really going nuts. After a few days of scouting, the team got set up in an elevated stand for the day, allowing them to be up above and shooting down on the bucks—and everyone has a good feeling for the day ahead.


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