This hunter filmed his terrifying standoff with a massive Grizzly bear

Imagine being all set up in your blind as you keep watch when you hear something curious. First, it’s the snapping of branches then the breathing. That’s when it appears: a massive grizzly bear. Obviously, you don’t want to do anything to do with the bear as it can easily kill you and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to kill first if it attacks. Even with all the range in the world and a solid rifle at your side, you’d be surprised as how quickly a grizzly will close the distance.

This hunter knew exactly what to do . He remained calm and kept his rifle at the ready should he need it. Then, he watched and studied the bear and waited to make himself known. When he realized the bear would find him regardless of what he did, he cautiously spoke to let the bear know he was around. Luckily for him, the bear didn’t want anything to do with the guy and just took off.

NOTE:The video link below is still functional although the image appears to be broken.

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