What’s The Buzz About Hunter’s Blend Coffee?

Our team here at Getzone.com/Media Lodge is fueled by coffee. I’m not just talking about a cup in the AM to get the motor running, I’m talking about a crew of professional coffee drinkers. It’s is rumored our director of marketing, Claudia Bircu has the capability in her home office to make all types of coffee — ranging from espresso on one end to, in a pinch, instant on the other end (don’t judge or hate) — when the going gets tough the tough have many ways to get their coffee on. Our sales team is also full black belts in the coffee consumption department.

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I wouldn’t call myself a professional coffee drinker like Claudia and a few others on our team, but I’m pretty close. I’ve had hobo coffee while in the field which, considering where we were, it was pretty good (coffee grounds boiled in a pot and strained through a tee-shirt). I’m lost and confused without the first cup of the day and I’ve been known to fire up the Keurig or coffee pot sometime in the afternoon for a cup of motivation.


A friend of mine who knows I love to hunt almost as much as I do the first cup of the day, sent me a care package from Hemisphere Coffee Roasters’ — Hunters Blend. The Hunters Blend is a mixture of coffee beans harvested from Central America and East Asia. My bag came ground, but if you prefer to grind your own beans, you can get them whole. I also found out the folks who work at Hemisphere Coffee are from Ohio and are all hunters. They are also big supporters of the hunting industry. This makes sense to me as their business is based on more than just producing a great cup of coffee. They work directly with the best growers around the world to help them be successful as well. Most hunters I know tend to also be members of the give-something-back-and-make-the-world-a-better-place club — and these guys are no exception.

I’m about six pots or so into my bag, and I’ve also done few cups in the Keurig with the fill-up type pod. The fill-up pod makes a mess but it works.

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The Hunter’s Blend makes for a really great cup of coffee and you don’t have to be a hunter to enjoy it. Try a bag or two, you won’t be disappointed. Check out www.huntersblendcoffee.com for more information.


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