Hunter’s upgraded deer stand can comfortably seat 66 people

August 31, 2016

Wisconsin hunter and creative genius Jesse Kaufmann just made what may be the world’s coolest hunting stand. With nothing more than an old fuel barrel and a run down school bus, Kaufmann built a veritable hunter’s palace in the sky. Images of his stand went viral after his pictures were shared on Chasing Trophy Whitetails’ Facebook page. In the comment section below the image Kaufmann wrote, “I have a fold out couch, two recliners, a TV, a poker table and deer seasons are cold enough, I don’t need a fridge. But we got heat; I seriously run power from my dad’s house.” While the yellow monstrosity doesn’t really blend in with the skyline, it does offer an amazing view with nearly a full 360° shooting angle.

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2016.08.31B (image source; Facebook/Chasing Trophy Whitetails)