In the Hunt: Aaron Returns to the Ranch

On this episode of In the Hunt, we have Aaron McCaleb hunting alongside Jason Morton from CZ firearms down at the ranch in South Texas. When Aaron heard the crew was heading down to Southwest Texas, he jumped right at the opportunity to join along. There’s some really great deer down in Texas if you can catch them right.

Like many other visitors at the ranch, Aaron knows Josh and Jamie from the hunting and fishing industry and he was down at the ranch when they first got it about four years ago. Now it’s crazy to see all of the hard work that they put into the ranch pay off with awesome experiences and an amazing property to hunt on.

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With the support of their sponsors and other folks down in Texas, the ranch is really starting to pay off. They have got a lot of older class deer and they obviously know the lay of the land really well, they’ve done a really good job in a really short period of time and have really made the ranch a top quality hunting operation.

Having the opportunity to hunt down here mid-December was the crew’s first choice. Of course, the deer and mother nature always have other plans. The weather got a little warmer than anticipated and the deer were not cooperating. The first couple of sets that the crew had had some activity, but not the deer that they were looking for. By the second or third day, after patiently reviewing and looking at the trail cameras, the crew narrowed it down to where the more mature bucks were located and once they did, within a day the plan began to work out really well.

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