In the Hunt: Captain Ed’s Big Buck

On this episode of In the Hunt we have Captain Ed from Jensen Beach, Florida. Captain Ed has been a fishing guide in Florida for the last 20 years and over his career has been able to travel all over the country and meet a lot of different people through outdoors experiences.

This is the second year in a row that Captain Ed has ended up out at the ranch. For the previous four years, Jamie has invited Ed out to the ranch but the timings never worked out until finally last year. After finally taking Jamie up on his offer, Ed exclaimed that he could kick himself for not getting himself out to the ranch sooner.

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His first time at the ranch, last year, Captain Ed shot two bucks and learned so much by just spending time in the blind watching deer and watching how they behave. This year, he says he has done a lot more of the same things as fishing. When you’re fishing and you’re in an area where you get to experience a lot of encounters with fish, you learn a lot. This year Ed says he learned more of the subtle things that he maybe wasn’t picking up on from the previous year while he was out on the ranch. Comparing it to fishing again, he says he’s done so much of it that he can see a little peck fin move or can see a tail flip. This year he began to notice that his eyes were picking up on little subtle details like spotting an ear twitch in the brush or beginning to make out the shape of an antler that’s different from the surrounding brush and slightly different color. All of these things were cues he was missing last year, so this year was really exciting. Captain Ed says, “Like I tell everybody, if you’re fishing in an area where you’re getting a lot of encounters with fish, your learning curve goes up much quicker. Same thing with hunting for me, you know, being out here for a lot of days, morning and night, looking at these animals, I’ve learned so much. I’m picking up all those subtle details so this trip has been really awesome.”

While there’s always work to be done at the ranch, once in a while the crew will get a few minutes of free time. Of course, with a pond close by on the ranch, Captain Ed digs out his fishing gear and heads to the water to see if he can get a fresh catch of the day.

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