In the Hunt: CZ Hunts the Rut in South Texas

It was a special week in South Texas for Jason with CZ-USA, as they were preparing to hunt the rut. Jason was lucky to come down to the south and chase some whitetails. Being in South Texas during the second week of December, there’s really not a better place in time for a whitetail hunter to be set-up. With a feeder out in front of their main stand, Jason and the crew were ready to hunt the rut.

Pre-hunt scopes have shown quite a few bucks pass through the area by their stand. With high hopes, Jason wants to be able to take down the larger buck some of his crew has seen that’s passed by.

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The week started out well with deer on the stand but they didn’t see many mature deer pass by. After a couple of sits, it was the same story. The crew decided to change things up and try a different stand to see if the deer they were looking for were elsewhere. 

At their next stand, the crew had a pretty good idea that there was a decent sized buck there from a few pictures they had captured. It wasn’t too long after the sun came up that they had three coyotes show up – which led to a dilemma for Jason and his crew as it was the best time in the morning to get a big buck to bring home and they didn’t want to spook the deer.

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