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In this episode of In the Hunt, we’re following Wayne Mundt who trekked all the way from Spearfish, South Dakota after he was invited down to Freedom Camp by a close acquaintance, JD Williams. JD has become a close friend of Wayne’s through the opportunity to hunt together, a friendship we know well. Beyond their hunting friendship, JD and Wayne are brothers in arms with JD being a 101st airborne Veteran from Afghanistan and Wayne a 101st airborne Veteran from the Vietnam area, almost 50 years ago. Wayne traveled down after scheduling the trip two months prior as JD had asked him to and he was going to be Wayne’s personal guide on his hunt to get his first Texas whitetail. Under difficult circumstances, JD became sick and wasn’t able to make it down for the hunt with Wayne, who continued on for his quest for his first Texas whitetail.

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Freedom Camp was started by a few guys, and it’s part of their non-profit for Mohawk Outdoors. Freedom Camp allows Veterans from all eras – and areas – to come down and hang out while experiencing the outdoors. It’s the opportunity to come out and get a decent hunt or help them with their management program, it’s all part of the game. But Freedom Camp is exactly what it sounds like – you come down and you’re free to be yourself amongst friends and the guides and other workers.

Wayne says it’s truly an awesome experience and he felt lucky to be down here with Mohawk Outdoors in South Texas. On the hunt, the biggest buck they spotted was a 10 point by Texas standard. It came out and it probably had a 22 inch spread and maybe 20 to 23 inch beams – just a gorgeous, 5×5 deer. Sitting in the blinds, there were many buck that passed by that the crew watched but with strict requirements and regulations for the hunt, the crew continued to wait for a buck that passed all standards. Make sure to check out the entire video to see what Wayne got. 

“I love America, our flag, and what our country stands for. I will forever stand as the flag is presented.” – Wayne R. Mundt

For more information about Mohawk Outdoors, visit: mohawkoutdoors

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