In the Hunt: Kinser Rut Hunt

On this episode of In the Hunt, we’re back on the ranch in South Texas with Josh Kinser for a rut hunt. The weather in South Texas has been a lot warmer than usual this particular December but the crew finally got a nice cool morning, around 29 or 30 degrees. Seeing a lot of movement, the guys had sight of a really good looking four year old buck who was with a doe and guiding her back, something they’ve been seeing a lot of in the past nights. While it was a great looking buck, the guys were hunting to take something in the six to seven year range – a more mature deer. 

Sitting in the same area for quite some time, the guys didn’t see any mature deer so they decided they were going to try a few different areas to try to pull one out. Like any property you’re hunting on, you have preconceived notions of where the deer are going to be and what’s going to happen when you get there. However, the crew was down on the ranch in the middle of December, during the rut, and they were just not on the trail of any good, mature buck. So, the only plan was to continue trying new areas and moving around. 

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Sighted a few times, there was an older buck named Pedro that Chase and the crew had seen weeks prior. The problem with old bucks is that they start to regress and sometimes can look like a younger buck. Unless you’ve seen a whole bunch of older bucks, they can easily slip by your sights. Looking at Pedro, the crew decided he was about 13 or 14 years old by watching how he walked – slightly with a limp or arthritis. The crew put a plan together to go down to the salt flats where he was spotted on multiple occasions and waited for him to start chasing does. 

Patient until the sun came up, the guys started to see some silhouettes including a lot of doe and some younger bucks chasing. Josh said he could see the silhouette of Pedro and his wideness just off to the right of the blinds, surveying what was going on in the dark in the flats. Now, it was just more waiting for the perfect time to take his buck on this rut hunt.  

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