[Watch] In The Hunt Season 4 Playlist: Whitetail Hunting in Texas

Watch all Season 4 episodes of In the Hunt in this video playlist.

In the Hunt: Drafted Episode: Texas whitetail hunting:

In this episode of In the Hunt, we’re following Wayne Mundt who trekked all the way from Spearfish, South Dakota after he was invited down to Freedom Camp by a close acquaintance, JD Williams. JD has become a close friend of Wayne’s through the opportunity to hunt together, a friendship we know well. Beyond their hunting friendship, JD and Wayne are brothers in arms with JD being a 101st airborne Veteran from Afghanistan and Wayne a 101st airborne Veteran from the Vietnam area, almost 50 years ago. Wayne traveled down after scheduling the trip two months prior as JD had asked him to and he was going to be Wayne’s personal guide on his hunt to get his first Texas whitetail. Under difficult circumstances, JD became sick and wasn’t able to make it down for his whitetail hunting trip with Wayne, who continued on for his quest for his first Texas whitetail.

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In the Hunt: Captain Ed’s Big Buck Episode:

On this episode of In the Hunt we have Captain Ed from Jensen Beach, Florida. Captain Ed has been a fishing guide in Florida for the last 20 years and over his career has been able to travel all over the country and meet a lot of different people through outdoor experiences.

This is the second year in a row that Captain Ed has ended up out at the ranch. For the previous four years, Jamie has invited Ed out to the ranch for some whitetail hunting but the timings never worked out until finally last year. After finally taking Jamie up on his offer, Ed exclaimed that he could kick himself for not getting himself out to the ranch sooner.

In the Hunt: An Angler Takes the First Buck Episode:

In this episode of In the Hunt, Dan Quinn meets Jamie down south for a round of Texas whitetail hunting. Dan works for Rapala in the marketing department managing staff while working simultaneously with their TV partners, doing all the “fun stuff” that’s fishing-related. Through his job, he’s been working with Jamie for a number of years through email and phone calls, and he’s making his way to the ranch in south Texas for a deer hunt.

In the Hunt: Kinser Rut Hunt Episode:

On this episode of In the Hunt, we’re back on the ranch in South Texas with Josh Kinser for a rut hunt. The weather in South Texas has been a lot warmer than usual this particular December but the crew finally got a nice cool morning, around 29 or 30 degrees. Seeing a lot of movement, the guys had sight of a really good looking four year old buck who was with a doe and guiding her back, something they’ve been seeing a lot of in the past nights. While it was a great looking buck, the guys were hunting to take something in the six to seven year range – a more mature deer. 

Sitting in the same area for quite some time, the guys didn’t see any mature deer so they decided they were going to try a few different areas to try to pull one out. Like any property you’re hunting on, you have preconceived notions of where the deer are going to be and what’s going to happen when you get there. However, the crew was down on the ranch in the middle of December, during the rut, and they were just not on the trail of any good, mature buck. So, the only plan was to continue trying new areas and moving around. 

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In the Hunt: Aaron Returns to the Ranch for whitetail hunting:

On this episode of In the Hunt, we have Aaron McCaleb hunting alongside Jason Morton from CZ firearms down at the ranch in South Texas. When Aaron heard the crew was heading down to Southwest Texas, he jumped right at the opportunity to join along. There’s some really great deer down in Texas if you can catch them right.

Like many other visitors at the ranch, Aaron knows Josh and Jamie from the hunting and fishing industry and he was down at the ranch when they first got it about four years ago. Now it’s crazy to see all of the hard work that they put into the ranch pay off with awesome experiences and an amazing property to hunt on.

In the Hunt: CZ Hunts the Rut in South Texas Episode:

It was a special week in South Texas for Jason with CZ-USA, as they were preparing to hunt the rut. Jason was lucky to come down to the south and chase some whitetails. Being in South Texas during the second week of December, there’s really not a better place in time for a whitetail hunter to be set-up. With a feeder out in front of their main stand, Jason and the crew were ready to hunt the rut.

Pre-hunt scopes have shown quite a few bucks pass through the area by their stand. With high hopes, Jason wants to be able to take down the larger buck some of his crew has seen that’s passed by.

whitetail hunting CZ rifle swagger bipods in the hunt season 4 hunting in south texas

In the Hunt: Patience Episode:

On this episode of In the Hunt: Over the past few years, Josh and the team down at the ranch have been working hard on management. The key with deer management is that it doesn’t happen overnight, you need patience. It’s a process of a couple of years, usually about three to five years, when you really start seeing the benefits of that. Right now, they’re kind of at a point where, in the last couple of years, they’re seeing not only the benefit of managing out and coaling some of the lesser bucks, but just as important, letting some of those better bucks live.

Down at the ranch, they name deer just like you name people – so they’re not referring to the deer as ‘the tall eight’ or ‘the big nine’. But this one buck kind of slipped by without being named, because he was kind of a ghost. If you rewind all the way back to the first season, Josh was sitting with Chase, and they rattled this buck in and let him walk. He was about a four-year-old then and he was beautiful. It was the kind of buck Josh really wanted to age up and mature to around six or seven years.

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